The sulta plan

A glimpse of near history

On Sunday October 13th 2019, about 100 wildfires broke in more than one Lebanese town. An estimated 3,700 acres burned overnight and thousands of people were evacuated from their homes.

Natural disasters happen all around the world true, but what made the Lebanese citizens furious was the helpless and irresponsible government that stood there watching our thousand years old trees burn down with no emergency response plan whatsoever or even took the minimum precautions to avoid such a disaster to begin with.

Few days later, and on Thursday October 17th 2019, following a series of tax increases and miscalculated budgets that threw the country in an economical and financial crisis, the minister of telecommunication Mohamad Choucair (future movement), suggested applying an additional tax on the whatsapp’s free internet calls, the only tool left for Lebanese to avoid the overpriced national and international cost of phone calls imposed by local carriers.

And that was simply the last straw.

Protests raged all over the country calling for a full resignation of the ruling political class. A corrupt government formed by the religious political parties who had agreed amongst themselves to preserve a status quo of security in return of the mutual benefit of the theft of the remaining wealth dedicated for the public sector.

People have just had enough!

With the fast series of events happening the government had to come up with plans to extinguish that raging fire of demonstrations and streets blocking.

Plan A — Ignore them

Well, I’m not sure if it was plan A or a simple naive response to a brutal anger and an unprecedented protest that set up road blocks all over the country.

Silence… for 5 days.

Then a speech for the Prime Minister Saad Hariri — oops the ex- PM — broke that silence. Hariri tried to sympathize with the people, giving them a list of action plans to try and fix the situation. I’ll skip the details but it can be mainly described as “empty promises” that people were sick of.

… And on the 8th day the President addressed his people.

The President, “the father of all”, “the king of the kings”, recorded a worthless speech, that triggered a nation-wide rage. People just hit the street again, setting up road blocks in response.

The plan was to ignore the people, it seemed as if they were betting on the lack of stamina and energy of the protesters. After all it’s not the first time that a bunch of young Lebanese try to start a revolution and then come back home deceived.

Remember when you were a child and you accidentally broke your mom’s favorite vase; and then you went to sleep hoping that when you wake up, it’ll be back on the shelf and that all you felt or feared was in your head, just another scary nightmare?

They kind of did that.

Plan B — Fight them

Nothing seemed to convince those protesters of leaving the streets. So how about terrorizing them? It seemed like a good plan, when you think of it. After all they’re a handful of young hipsters and women who would not stand their grounds when a first fight breaks out, they thought.

Stage 1: Deploy the army in large numbers and use force if need be to open the roads. Kidnap the guy with the megaphone, kick his ass and then release him with bruises all over his body; that should do.

Stage 2: Request their leadership for negotiation. Push them to nominate people on their behalf so you could destroy and discredit them publicly.

Stage 3: Unleash your starving, brain-washed, mostik-driving, leader-worshiping bunch of boys who know nothing but hatred and destruction. Pay them to terrorize those protesters, kick their asses if need be, burn their satanic tents and destroy their set ups; that never failed before.

Stage 4: Launch a full-fledged cyber attack. A massive fake news campaign that would demolish their motivation and label their so-called leadership with false political affiliations and even as Zionist traitors. Break the trust between them, revive the religious hatred and the civil war front lines. This would definitely do.

Little did they know, Plan B made the revolution stronger, and motivated the people to fight back in the most innovate ways, ways that this political class had no clue to how to deal with:

A civic independence parade, mother’s marches unifying historical war lines, artists reviving the streets, chanting, camping, banging pans…

What’s next?

Plan C — Starve them

It’s known that the revolution is the result of not only the absence of the most basic of the Lebanese population civil rights and the aspiration of its citizens to live decently in their country, but having to live the burden of an economic crisis for the past couple of years.

For the past year, the country entered into an economical downfall from which it would never recover without an external generous donation and an internal drastic reform that the current politicians have no will to do.

In a tragic event a month ago, Standard & Poor’s lowered its ratings on three Lebanese banks from “B-” to “CCC”. I’m no economist nor a financial expert, but I insure you that since then, the banks started an unofficial capital control, the Lebanese lira’s value has dropped in the market exchanges by 30%, employers started to pay half salaries or simply close their businesses and the prices inflation in the basket of goods and services already started to affect everyone.

With the tragic economic situation, the “sulta” is delaying the formation of the new government that should be the first step towards bringing back the trust that the market needs in order for it to breath back a little.

The President is refusing till this moment to set a date to name a new Prime Minister. The previous government resigned 35 days ago, and still, no serious action was made towards forming a new one.

The plan is to starve us, until we settle for any government they decide to generously offer us. A government of thieves and corrupt politicians as they would dream to form.

A starving population would give in. Your priorities change when you need to put food on your children’s table.

This evil plan is on track. Soon the December holidays will push the political decision to the beginning of 2020. The experts are expecting a full collapse starting March 2020. That being said, January will be the hardest month the Lebanese have ever had to survive economically; and only then they will try to form a government that they aspire for and against the people’s wishes.

We shall not give in, we shall not surrender, we shall succeed!

Long live the revolution.



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