Lebanese crisis 15 years pattern

A writing in Arabic on one of Beirut walls translated to: “Give us back the stolen time”.
The approved Lebanese flag during the declaration of independence.
Egyptian President (1954–1970) Gamal Abdel Nasser.
A destroyed neighborhood during the civil war.
Millions of people in the martyrs square Beirut on March 14th 2005.
Protesters raising the revolution sign in the martyrs square November 2019.

A pattern not to be missed

Do not underestimate such events in the life of societies. A society that survived a civil war, that was not granted enough time to heal and in just 15 years figured out a way to unite again.

This is one very strong pillar that encourages me to fiercely believe that today’s fight, is my fight for a better future to my unborn children.

Young Lebanese revolutionaries in the streets of Beirut early 2020.



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