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… Here is the continuity of our first success story:

On June 27th 2021, the Lebanese Engineers responded to the revolution calls and voted excessively in the first phase of the OEA syndicate pre-elections. In an unprecedented high number of voters, 7650 engineers went to the OEA headquarters in Beirut and voted against the united alliance of the ruling political parties! A 50% higher voting rate was registered and all went in favor of Al Naqaba Tantafed, the biggest independents and opposition alliance running against كلن يعني كلن.

The results

The alliance won 221 seats out of 232 in the general assembly and 15 seats out of 20 in the different sections. The only 5 lost seats were in section 6 dedicated to engineers employed in the public sector _ now this is your proof that employments in the public sector are all political bribes!

In some of the sections results came out with triple score! The high number of voters made this happen, and this should be our target for Sunday the 18th.

What’s next?

On Sunday the 18th of July, we will vote for the president of the syndicate as well as 10 members of his cabinet, in addition to 4 supervisors in the additional committees.

Following are the candidates you should vote for (in Arabic):

This is not a drill, this is the real battle and this is the battle where every vote counts! A huge political alliance from the ruling political parties has been formed against the independents to avoid losing their control over the syndicate that has been there since forever, benefiting from deals with their insurance firms, employing their partisans and managing the savings of all the Beirut engineers in banks they own… And on a side note, today all our pension money is stuck in their banks, and against all recommendations of putting aside cash money, they didn’t lift a finger and kept the money flowing into the bank accounts.

Rumor's to avoid

This tsunami is invading all the seats controlled by the sulta parties, for the first time ever, and they are joining all their efforts in order not to allow it.

A vicious campaign against “Aaref Yassine” has been launched last week, pin-pointing him as a communist and a supportive of the HA militia.

Other campaigns are filtering out names of candidates by religion to create a public sectarian tension in the public opinion and the target of course is the weak souls who are still under the control of their religions/sects and their so called leaders.

“Aaref Yassine”, is an ex member of the communist assembly of engineers, he resigned in 1998, and since then he’s a free minded activist in engineering and an advocate of sovereignty.

He was internally elected as the only candidate for the presidency of the syndicate by the alliance of Al Naqaba Tantafed and he will represent us all in the coming elections, and when he wins, for the coming 3 years in the OEA syndicate.

On Sunday the 18th of July

History will write that

United we stand, divided we fall

On this day we will celebrate the biggest win of the revolution in the OEA syndicate elections, and the ruling parties will tremble whenever they think about the coming parliamentary elections.

Together we can be the change, every vote counts. On this day, go to the tents of Al Naqaba Tantafed, grab you paper, vote and celebrate with us the VICTORY!

For the electoral program click here



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